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See what other people are saying about our Slate Scottsdale apartments! At Slate Scottsdale Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


Beautiful property, amazing apartments, and a wonderful staff. Thank you Slate Scottsdale!


I was blown away by my experience at Slate Scottsdale this past Wednesday. When I arrived, both gentlemen in the office were helping someone else, but they made a point to thank me for coming in and let me know one of them would be right with me. During my wait, I was able to walk around the massive clubhouse area and spoke with one of the tenants who had nothing but amazing things to say about the staff. James Wheeler was the first to finish and come find me. He was professional, courteous, and took time to answer all of my questions. While I ultimately decided to move into a different Mark Taylor apartment, the experience I had at Slate Scottsdale is what set the tone for my search and I wanted to give recognition to that and say thank you!


Vacationer here, found this place on TripAdvisor (unfortunate for you FT residents?). Loved my short 5 day stay but if you're a light sleeper this place isn't gonna work for you. You can hear footsteps, water flushing. Amazing pool, beautiful open layout. I could get used to this kinda leisure. 5/5 recommend for a short stay



I’m coming up on two years living at Slate and love this complex, it’s truly one of the nicest in AZ. Chase and Brian are all stars! Thanks for all your hard work!


Let me just start with this, I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! its so much fun, there are kids, and adults, the perfect community for anyone! so nice to wake up, and go downstaires to the clubhouse and enjoy a FREE COFFEE!! i wanna live here forever! the pool is great too. the office people are sooooo nice!


Great staff great place to live. Chase at the office is amazing, probably the most helpful person I’ve ever dealt with in an apartment. Definitely an awesome place to live for all ages.


Love this place.


Slate Scottsdale is a gorgeous community. Not only can the apartments and amenities sell themselves, but it’s conveniently located near so many places to shop, eat, and within walking distance to Scottsdale 101 theatre. To top it off, it’s improtant to feel comfortable with the staff at the community you’re living at. In my personal opinion I can say Slate has a great team that really care about their residents! They’re all very kind and willing to help whenever with whatever. Whenever you stop in to the office, whether it be dropping off rent or picking up a package, I’ve always been greeted with a smile and been in good company. If you’re looking for a nice community with an awesome staff in a great location, I recommend Slate Scottsdale!


I lived there in 2016-17, when it was called “Alta Paradise Ridge.” I was very sad to move out. (Job changed to min wage.) ...What made it so good? Was it the beautiful landscaping and the pretty desert nature scenery by the pool? (this was before the construction out back) Was it the nice apartment with an amazing new kitchen and new appliances (even high-tech to include USB ports in the outlets)? Was it that great “upscale hotel” type of feeling in the club house area, with games and Thursday movie nights? Was it the awesome gym and pool? Was it the cute doggie washing station? (even though I don’t have a dog, I thought it was still a very cool addition!) Was it the nice staff (Brenda!) that always remembered my name and even which apartment I lived in, even though I was shy? Sure, it was all of that! However, several months after having moved out, I realize what truly made it special, unique and wonderful for me—the apartment complex was so new that there were no neighbors, yet! When I moved in, August 2017, there was no one to the left or right, above or below, or even across the hallway. I could often workout in the gym alone, and sometimes have the pool all to myself. Quiet. Peaceful. It was great. For all of these reasons, it is the best place I’ve ever lived and I will remember the experience forever. <3 ——————— FYI, here are some numbers, for those who are interested: My base rent was 1,215 and my total that I paid each month was around 1,315. I lived on the 4th floor, facing the mountains to the east (very nice and convenient for seeing the fireworks over the Princess!). Here are the approx. extra fees that were added on top of the base rent: Valet Trash - 25 Pest Control - 3 Admin fee Pest/trash - 4.75 Convergent bill fee (whatever that is?) - 2 Taxes - 29 Water - 13.40 Sewer - 4.15 AZ Utilities tax - .40 Gas service from the Common Area (aka: lobby / club house / pool area) that everyone collectively pays - 5.52 Electricity service from the Common Area (aka: lobby / club house / pool area) that everyone collectively pays - 12.51 So, naturally, the rent costs are not fixed each month and it will fluctuate, based on how often people are grilling food down by the pool, or if people accidentally leave the sliding doors open and let out the air conditioning.

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